PDG Joan, PE Monica and DG Janice at the Club Development Workshop
Joan and I spent the weekend in Dunedin at a Club Development Workshop. 
My 3 take aways from the weekend were:
1. The club naturally divides into two types of people: those on the oars rowing it forward and those in bed doing not much.
This is the OAR BED Principle.
OAR stands for:
Ownership of the problems
Accountability – willing to take accountability for the problems
Responsible – prepared to be responsible for doing their bit to solve the problems.
These are called above-the-line traits
Below the line traits are the BED traits:
Blame – blame others for the problems
Excuse – make excuses why they cannot help solve the problems
Denial – that there really is a problem.
Which role do you play in the club? We need lots of people with their hands on the oars if
we are to survive and grow..


2. Make use of social media......a lot....this generates excitement. So, I will be taking lots
of photos of what we do, of our key speakers etc and posting them on FB. Be sure to
send Jan your photos also of us having fun!
3. Rules have changed greatly as regards meetings, how often, what kind etc.
Membership: who can become a member, what categories we have etc. corporate members, family memberships etc.