An unprecedented Rotary event - a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Information Night. 17 LGBT people from the Wakatipu attended. This was an opportunity to showcase our Rotary Club and offer the hand of friendship - especially those who feel marginalised due to their sexuality.
Rotary International President Ian Riseley in a letter supported the event and encouraged all clubs to welcome people of all diverse backgrounds. A similar letter of encouragement was received from our own District Governor Bruce Cowan.
Key speaker Jacqui Moir, counsellor to Wakatipu youth dealing with their sexuality, spoke of the numbers of attempted suicides and self-harm etc due to abuse and bullying. Programmes such as ‘Rainbow Youth’ and ‘Inside Out’ assist affected youth to better understand their situations.
Rotarian Steve McLean concluded by relating to personal family situations.
A very successful evening for both Queenstown Rotary and our LGBT guests indicating our openness to, and support of, sexual diversity within our community.