Dr. Sam Hazeldine-Entreprenuer-Doctor-Athlete
As a young man, he drank heavily and nearly killed himself by trying to do a double back flip off a high wall.
After surviving this he took a grip of himself and graduated from medical school in 2003. He became a skiing champion among a whole string of other achievements. He had what he calls  ‘a big mantra’, which was a lesson that has changed his life.
He stated that he has decided to alter everything that he had done wrong in life before. to succeed you must be hungry to succeed firstly in business and then he said this hunger has put him where he is today as a very successful businessman, having been awarded the Deloitte and Ernst Young  Entrepreneur of the Year. He runs quite a lot of businesses  but prioritises them to get maximum returns. 
He said he has a new company called ‘WEARETENZING’. He repeated a couple of times to us all, that,  if you fall back over, then get right back up and just carry on. In his final few words he said if you prioritize for:- 
Hu  hunger, success, sacrifice & keep going, you will succeed.