Pauline Blomfield loves dogs, but she also knows they can be dangerous - especially when children are involved. She believes educating children about how dogs behave - and what could cause them to bite - can cut the number of dog attacks. Her book, How to Keep Kids Safe With Dogs, hopes to do that.The book has a few simple things children can be taught to be safe around dogs, and teaches adults how to spot a stressed dog who could bite.                 
Pauline has owned and trained dogs for over forty years. She
has been awarded a life membership for her work as an
obedience instructor and has been involved with canine
therapy in Rest Homes, Hospitals and Hospice. Pauline has
trained a dog for search work and has consulted to the
Department of Conservation for the use of dogs to detect
endangered plant species. She has also written training
manuals for dog clubs and organisations and currently she is
training a New Zealand Heading dog to work sheep.
Disturbed at the lack of understanding shown by children and
adults when around dogs, Pauline realised the need for a fun
book to help children understand how to act safely around
dogs. Armed with the belief that a little know-how can save a
lot of heartache and her considerable canine experience,
along with her husband Alan who illustrated the book.
Pauline’s ongoing desire to learn about dogs continues as she
flies to Auckland next month for a 3 day workshop with an
international animal biologist and trainer.