We sponsored Georgia Boulton to Blue Light Life Skills in May.  Here is her thank you to Rotary.
Dear Rotary
First of all I just want to say a huge thank you for my scholarship for the Bluelight Camp that I attended a few weeks ago. 
The camp went really well, I really enjoyed everything about it.  It was a great trip and a very eye opening experience. This was a great experience for me with what I would like to do when I get older with the Navy.  I got experience from all aspects of the forces. 
At the end of the camp we had a graduation.  We had 28 at the start and for graduation we left with 28.  This is very rare for the camp to leave with all the people that started at the beginning. 
In the graduation I got my certificate of graduating the course but I also got an excellence award for my syndicate, which meant I was the most improved best listener etc for my group. 
Thank you 
Georgia Boulton