Wakatipu High School's Head Girl Gracie Hansby, Head Boy Archie Ritchie and Principal Steve Hall attended a recent meeting.

Background on Archie:

He is the ultimate all-rounder - exceptional both academically (top of his year) and as an athlete.  He is vice captain of the WHS football team, has represented Otago in football, regularly does triathlons and marathons, swimming, cycling and skiing. He coaches football in his spare time.  He has attained Gold Level in the Duke of Edinburgh programme and will be going to Outward Bound later this year.

He attended the Science & Technology Forum in January and won one of the only two trips to the LIYSF (London International Youth Science Forum) on 24 July.  He got a lot from the Auckland forum, but his stand out was talking with the ‘Youth Advisors’ who mentor and coach the students while on the Forum.  He was inspired so much that he is going to sign up to be an advisor at future forums and also to implement a similar program into WHS as part of his Head Boy goals for the year.

He was overwhelmed and extremely grateful at the opportunity Rotary gave him to attend the forum. It has changed his life and given him new focus and ideas for his career pathway decisions that he will be making this year.