‘Our’ trail is now due and ready, maintenance wise, to be handed over to QLDC for its future upkeep. This was the agreement we made when the project was first approved by Council.
Several recent working bees have ensured that the track is ready for Council inspection after which they will take responsibility for track maintenance in the future.  We (Queenstown Rotary) will likely look after the trees for a period of time.
John Thompson, Grant Rees & Valma last week trimmed back hawthorn and other weeds.  Then last weekend Tony Fleming used his 2-tonne digger to clear drainage areas that had slumped.  David Broomfield, and his helper Roy, tidied up after the digger.  At the same time Jason & Jodie, David T and Richard used weed eaters to clear both sides of the track.
Several days later Kerry Dunlop cleared away cut material with a leaf rake.  This exposed still growing weeds at the sides of the track.  Lastly Rotarians, and helpers, sprayed vegetation.  This hard working team comprised Nigel Hawke, Alan Ward, Richard Bowman, and Roy (representing David Broomfield) as well as Bruce McLeod from Quail Rise.
The good will of these Rotarians and helpers is really appreciated given that some had to fit their time in with  busy work schedules.
Jeff Bryant, from Geoconsulting Ltd, has made a Geotech inspection which showed the track to be in very good condition. Kerry then followed up by checking and clearing the culvert pipes.  
The track is a great project example for Queenstown Rotary, our largest individual project for many years.  It is regularly used by walkers, runners, cyclists and the exercising of dogs. Members of our community are often seen relaxing at the picnic area.
Post its construction, the project has also involved the regular support of Queenstown Rotary members in maintenance working bees over the last 3 years. Note the plant growth over just 3 years.
Of interest, our trail begins adjacent to the Rotary bridge, the old bridge over the Shotover River.  The project, completed in 2005, was undertaken for Rotary’s centennial year and involved its refurbishment post the construction of the modern Shotover bridge in 1975.  See below the Queenstown Rotary team that managed that project. Substantial fundraising was involved. Information about his project is located on a display on the Lake Hayes end of the old bridge.