On 13 April, Paul Hollingsworth from 'Queenstown Solar' spoke about solar installations in homes and their benefits as well as the future of solar energy.

Paul is extremely experienced in completing solar installs.  He indicated that the pay back on investment is within 7 years i.e. electricity costs saved. He also emphasised the positive effect of reducing demand on electricity generation and the benefits on our carbon footprint.
Also on 13 April, Wakatipu High School students Will Kidd and Jonty Vaivars spoke about their sailing experiences on their ‘Blue Light’ water voyages, on board the Steinlager 2 boat, enabled through scholarships by Rotary and the JR McKenzie Trust.  These voyages, under the auspices of the NZ Police (Blue Light) and the NZ Sailing Trust, are designed to give young people the opportunity to experience life on the water whilst developing leadership and sailing skills, and teamwork whilst also learning about the environment.  Both commented that their experience was the best of their lives.