At the Christmas function we welcomed our newest member, Paul Stanfield.  Paul has been living in Queenstown for about 22 months.  He brought a section next door to David Broomfield and has built his home there.
Paul and his wife Kirsten have 2 children.  Their son Jack is at WHS and he is a bit of a gun skier, representing NZ and up until COVID19, was attending a ski academy in the USA. 
At the moment, Kirsten and their daughter still live in Auckland due to their daughters schooling requirements.  So a wee bit of travelling back and forth goes on.
Paul’s business background started as a 17 year old working at Foodtown which started a career in supermarkets, working for Progressive Enterprises for quite a few years.  He later moved on to The Warehouse Group, as a buyer.
He has also built up 2 Export Businesses, beginning when he bought his father’s building and steel materials business, exporting to Asia and the Pacific.  He also went into food and meat trading with a business partner, mainly exporting NZ beef and lamb outside of the Pacific Rim. 
His interests are skiing and golf, although he’s not had too much golf lately, due to shoulder surgery not too long ago.
Paul will be a valued member of our Club and brings a wealth of business experience and knowledge with many other interests. 
Welcome Paul, we look forward to getting to know you Kirsten better.