It’s really hard to start this off without using a cliché.  Like how time has gone super fast or how unbelievable it all is.  Without a doubt, this past month and a half has been a whirlwind of new experiences.  In my first weeks, I definitely wondered why I had willing chosen to move completely across the world from everyone and everything.  


While the orientation weekends and meetings were very helpful back in New Zealand, there’s no way to actually express the emotions I got and I believe most people feel when starting their exchange year.  However, just as surprising is how quickly I found myself in a routine and at a point where I am having fun everyday.  I celebrated my birthday here around mid-February which is also where I’d say things really took off from.  The people around me have made sure that I feel loved and involved by my new community, something I will always be grateful for.


Now, I have a group of friends at school who have a great sense of humour, super welcoming and generally interested in me.  Throughout the week I have several activities including karate and scouts while Wednesdays are when I catch up with other inbounds here.  Just this last weekend, Rotex organised a day in Brussels where my little group of ‘newies’ basically ate our way through the city.  


There really is too much to write about so I’ll let my pictures speak for themselves.  I also had to be on time with my report this month since I’m off skiing in France in two days!! Where I’m at now, I can say that I’m way too lucky to be here with these amazing opportunities and experiences.  Here’s to another two months of fun!


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