Lieutenant Andrew Wilson - Corps Officer and Community Ministries Directors of Queenstown
Andrew was one of 3 boys raised by a solo Mum.  When he was 8 years old, his mother had an accident that resulted in a badly broken ankle.  The church came to their home to help including meals for the family.  This was Andrew’s first-hand experience with the difference that the church can make for a family facing difficulties.  They brought meals and but also ensured that the boys did their share of the work e.g. cleaning the house. All of this taught a young boy important life lessons. 
The Queenstown Salvation Army helps families who need assistance including providing food. 
Supermarkets, Kiwi Harvest and the public contribute food to their Foodbank which feeds approx 50 people/families per day to ease their daily financial strain.
The team also work with clients to get to the root of their issues and to help with budgeting.  Support is also available for those in the probation system as well as those going through the courts.  They also provide an advocate or support person to sit around the family violence table.
The money that Queenstown Rotary donated after COVID provided a huge financial boost to the Salvation Army in Queenstown and helped enable a new program that focuses on self-awareness, grief etc. which helps families to reclaim their lives.   A person has been able to be employed to assist with the ‘SPACE’ program that offers support and parenting education for new parents that are often alone and uninformed.  This situation can be stressful and often results in relationship breakdowns.  ‘SPACE’ helps these people to make positive life choices as well as young Mums to develop as parents.
The new building project in Pin Oaks Drive, Remarkables Park, will be home to a Family Store, a Workshop, a Meeting Room and to a 150-seat Auditorium.  It is located in their new Community Centre located behind Wakatipu High School and is due to open in November.  This facility will help the Salvation Army to grow and develop their services. The facility will also be available for local groups and clubs to hire, provide aid and hold events.  The Gorge Road shop will remain open.
A Dawn Ceremony will be held on 11 November - we are welcome to attend,or visit the centre at any time where Andrew will be happy to show us around.