Originally scheduled for Waitiri Creek Winery, likely inclement weather on Sunday 6 December saw a change in venue to ‘Cargo at Gantley’s Pub & Café’ at Arthur’s Point.
Interested Rotarians participated in the scheduled wine tasting before lunch.
As part of this event:
  • Several Rotarians were recognised for their part in the ‘’Boulder Wall Project at Lakeland Christian Camp, Kelvin Heights which took place over several Saturday mornings led by Ricky Hunter.
  • New Rotarian Paul Stanfield was inducted into our club by PDG Derek Bulman (see Lee-Ann’s ‘lines’ above and photo below).
  • 2 women members of our Club were welcomed into ‘Impact 100’ by member Mary Thompson. Impact 100 is a womens’ charitable organisation whose members each contribute $1,000 annually to a selected local charity. Established in the USA, a local group was established in Queenstown last year. Lee-Ann Lines and Gabrielle Schouw were selected by our Club for membership, sponsored by Mary and one other anonymous Impact 100 member.